i want the wii???

never thought i’d be writing that, but it is true. my husband, always a huge gamer (has the newest xbox, playstation- both with mod chips– just so you know the depth of his addiction here) ive always been the “foil” to his gaming stuff-dont get me wrong, i can play a mean round of tekken (love mr. yoshimitsu) but i thought we had enough games in the house..until i read ths article about the new wii game, called fit.



1 Response to “i want the wii???”

  1. 1 songsfromthebackyard April 27, 2008 at 4:51 pm

    I want one too! Funny thing though, my son doesn’t. I asked him if he’d rather have an XBox like some of his friends, but he doesn’t want that either! I used to think that it was great that he wasn’t interested in video games, but after reading Datacloud, I’m thinking maybe, by not playing video games, his education may be lacking! Who would’ve thought. I’m also thinking that maybe I should be playing them, too! Like you said “who woulda thought!”

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