DeVoss and Porter carve out Napster…

So, for our class WEC, we are reading a very interesting article by DeVoss and Porter that states much of the obvious.
I’m sure we will have a class discussion, but wanted to pose this scenario: (This has happened to me…) Is it wrong to go to a library, legally check out a free book, read it and really enjoy it, tell a friend, who doesn’t have a library card, so they borrow your copy and read it before its due?
What about CD’s- how many times have you borrowed(and copied) a friend’s CD that you liked instead of purchasing it.
It’s all about the dollar, folks. That’s why the record labels care.


1 Response to “DeVoss and Porter carve out Napster…”

  1. 1 pjsabatini May 8, 2008 at 3:03 am

    yeah, i’m going to keep up the blog. kudos and respecting tekken. i used to play that a lot. thanks for the comment. you should keep yours up too. good luck after graduation.

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