i love kitties!

This blog is a work in process. I will be concentrating on my graduate course called Writing for Electronic Communities. Some of the other posts will go under restaurant (referring to my days as a waitress), pets (specifically cats since I have 5) and finally other…

i am a jack of all trades, master of none. I have been a language arts teacher for almost 6 years years. i really like my job! eighth graders are not as bad as some think; i enjoy the energy level and enthusiasm most bring to my classroom. 12th graders are as hard as one may think, plus some!!!

i also have my nj real estate sales license. currently, it is located in the referral division of the haddon group in westmont, nj.i have never really used it. i suspect it will come in handy when we sell our house years down the line though.

on friday and saturday nights i wait tables at a mexican restaurant in berlin called los amigos. this extra cash is much appreciated. i like my free shift drink at the end of the night too;)

and, finally, i’m a grad. student at rowan; i graduate this may with my m.ed degree, and plan to matriculate into the doctoral program come fall.

with all of these activities going on one may wonder how i have any life. i do, it’s just not as exciting as paris hiltons!

i am an avid animal lover. i have 5 cats, and would have a farm for homeless animals if i could afford it. my husband loves animals too. we enjoy walks,mountain biking, museums, watching our favorite shows together on the couch, good wine and laughing with friends.

all in all, i can’t complain about my life!
more to come…


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  1. 1 gfhurley February 14, 2008 at 1:10 am

    Hey there Danielle. Thanks for the exhumed films link. I have lived in Philly for four years and never heard of it! I am a bit sad that I missed the Giallo double feature on feb 1 though 😦 Oh well, I definitely look forward to seeing some future italian horror gems on screen.

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