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World’s Rarest Gorillas Gain New Refuge

For those of you who missed this…good things happening a world away!

Dan Morrison
for National Geographic News

April 22, 2008

The rarest gorillas in the world are being protected in a new sanctuary nestled in the mountains of Cameroon, the government announced recently.

A community of 20 Cross River gorillas now live in the Kagwene Gorilla Sanctuary, the first exclusively dedicated to this subspecies of western lowland gorilla.

 The apes are listed as critically endangered by the World Conservation Union: As few as 250 to 300 survive.

The animals are scattered over 11 mountain and forest sites in Cameroon and Nigeria, driven to the verge of extinction by hunting and loss of habitat.

Cameroonian Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni announced the Kagwene sanctuary in a decree on April 3.



Oh, if i could just hit the lottery…

Nikki and Roxy checking out the snow- 2005

I love all animals and would open up an animal sanctuary. Check out peace plantantion.


Atlanta tornado takes beloved Mrs. Bonnie from us…

This story on CNN is one that you should read if you are interested in people who help impact our world in a positive way.

“On a cloudless day in April in 2001, I visited Bonnie with a friend. She told us to lie in the grass, and she went inside her house, unleashed about a dozen puppies and watched as they ran out the door toward us. They began licking our ears, noses and toes.”



I am in the process of trapping feral cats in my neighborhood, paying out of pocket to have them spayed/neutered, care for them and then release them into their wild home. In my opinion, it is better to see them out in the wild to run free, and get a meal from me, then to know they would be locked in a tiny cage, ignored, not adopted, until the shelter’s funds get cut and they are put down.

Ally Cat Allies (a TNR supporter) won a victory in this field today. They have managed to gain protection for the feral cats living in Cape May, that would be threatened by the new laws protecting a bird down there. Their website has plenty of information

ps- the picture is one of a “friendly” stray I fed and took care of in my neighborhood. I eventually found him (Johnny) a home on a farm, thanks to Furrever Friends..He passes away in 2006, RIP. I miss you and your snuggles;)