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Loneygirl15 delivers..

For our grad class, one of the articles we were assigned deals with the phenom Loneygirl15. This article is interesting because it really shows the power of vloggging, and just how many people out there are voyeurs in their own way. I have to admit, I myself was intrigued and looked her up a long time ago to see what the hype was about. it s about getting into the private details of a cute girl, while in  the comfort of your own home. Sound familiar?


Mark Zuckerberg & the Web’s hottest platform- aka facebook…

For our grad class, we are assigned weekly readings to comment on and discuss. This particular reading is important because it details the rise of the facebook giant, generated by a Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg.

Here, success is attributed to this young man because he had the foresight (or luck??) to hold out and wait, not accepting Yahoo’s outrageous 1 billion dollar offer. Instead, Zuckerberg is rewarded with the dubious honor of having his baby, facebook, now recognizably as one of the largest platforms for a new software explosion ever in the tech field.

Facebook is now generating even more diverse users (as opposed to myspace, etc) due to copious amounts of downloads and software apps.

Quite interesting stuff-makes me feel like inventing something..

Microsoft’s XP is 86’d…

Word on the street (and is that Microsoft is going to discontinue Windows XP in favor of the operating system Vista. I know this

operating system

well, as this is what I used on my home pc for the past five years, and loved it. I recently bought a new laptop, a light and thin Toshiba notebook, which came automatically prepped with Windows Vista. Although Vista has caused some problems for me (think trying to connect to the VPN for Rowan U.- just not happening) I don’t think it is as bad as many are making it out to be. With everything there is a learning curve, and the more you use it, the better accustomed you will be. I feel like anytime a new piece of technology comes out people are scared to learn something new- not thinking of the advacnes, etc. that may come out of the software.

The Countdown Begins…

I am graduating this May with my M.Ed degree, woo hoo! Last night, I ordered my cap/gown/tassel online at my college bookstore- 40.00! I don’t mean to complain, but why so much? I can’t help but get the feeling that the manufacturers are capitalizing off of us.

On a side note- I am am further investigating doctoral programs (in education) as well as law school. Time will tell! Right now I just need to finish up everything I need to this semester!

Oh, if i could just hit the lottery…

Nikki and Roxy checking out the snow- 2005

I love all animals and would open up an animal sanctuary. Check out peace plantantion.


Gravy or Sauce???

images.jpgI just formed this circle on my facebook account, but I figured we could discuss a little here. Many debate this, and it seems as though one’s geographic region plays a part in whether that red stuff you put on pasta is gravy or sauce. I’m more than half Italian, and it’s sauce to me, but hey, what do I know…

Thanks for comments to “uninspired”

I guess I just needed a break away from the blog- that’s the thing about blogging for my gradaute class- I can’t just write when I feel like it…I must write every week. Well, taking the short break helped!

Now, I’m going to read and commnet on some other blogs!

Thanks for all the ideas and support fellow bloggers!