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Oh, if i could just hit the lottery…

Nikki and Roxy checking out the snow- 2005

I love all animals and would open up an animal sanctuary. Check out peace plantantion.





I am in the process of trapping feral cats in my neighborhood, paying out of pocket to have them spayed/neutered, care for them and then release them into their wild home. In my opinion, it is better to see them out in the wild to run free, and get a meal from me, then to know they would be locked in a tiny cage, ignored, not adopted, until the shelter’s funds get cut and they are put down.

Ally Cat Allies (a TNR supporter) won a victory in this field today. They have managed to gain protection for the feral cats living in Cape May, that would be threatened by the new laws protecting a bird down there. Their website has plenty of information

ps- the picture is one of a “friendly” stray I fed and took care of in my neighborhood. I eventually found him (Johnny) a home on a farm, thanks to Furrever Friends..He passes away in 2006, RIP. I miss you and your snuggles;)