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Excuse me if I smell tonight…

nah, actually I’m going to grab a shower because our 8th graders (and teachers) took a tour of the CCMUA…What an experience! It really was quite interesting to see what exactly happens after you flush. Well, to sum it up- the soiled water travels through our sewers etc. and makes it way (with some helpful force) to the treatment plant in Camden. Once there, bacterium does its work to eat up some of the bad composite, all the while gravity also helps certain sediment to settle…Next, water is moved throughout a series of chambers, most of which are  outdoors- swishing and moving about, again more bacteria taking aim at the stuff left in the water. I believe some chemicals are also added ( bleach) and then the water is returned to the Delaware River.


It was quite smelly,  but, in my opinion totally worth it.