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On loss…

Our middle school is dealing with the sudden death of a seventh grade student, Kaela. She died of meningitis, which came on very suddenly (Wed.) and ended her life Saturday morning.

This is the first time in my five years of teaching, that I am dealing with the death of a student. Although I didn’t teach her, I saw her everyday in the hall with her sister who is an eighth grader. It is hard. I had to send three girls from homeroom who were hysterical to the media center for counseling already today. Not a good day.

It is especially hard because I know and understand their pain. When I was 22, my youngest sister was killed in a car accident. She was a senior in high school. I remember thinking at the time about how she would be remembered, commemorated in her high school.

I find today particularly difficult because this is bringing me back to the time of my sister’s death, and now I understand the colored ribbons, shirts of support etc. They do help.

I will be making ribbon pins with my eighth graders today in Kaela’s memory.