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response to reading questions posted by a fellow classmate;)

In our grad class, Writing for Electronic Communities, we also read about other electronic communities, and respond. I am responding to some interesting questions posed by our discussion leader for the week.

He first asks “1. Knowing this, do you feel you would have enjoyed these stories if they were in a regular, linear format or did this prove more enjoyable because you could choose (in Unknown’s case) where you wanted to go?”

No, I think the less linear, the better. Maybe it is just the ADD in me, wanting to be able to click and then BOOM! Change the story! I loved feeling like I had a little bit of control over the story, but not so much, as I could never fathom what would come next. The journey, not really what was being said, eventually became more important to me as I made my way through the text.

He also asks “4. Do you think that these websites might be the future of literature over the Internet or do you think people will continue to prefer the linear form?

“I’m on the fence to whether or not the physical books as we know them will go away. One thing is sure, technology is changing so rapidly that some people face frustration as one new “technological” thing they have mastered is now “old news” and other areas are the “new thing”. As a teacher standpoint, I have heard of schools moving towards using laptops entirely with text books online, etc. There are some pros and cons to this (as is with anything) Students (in my opinion) are more apt to do the work if it is connected to technology- nothing against my teaching, but kids today have been raised to have a technological awareness that many other generations did not. Also, schools will save some money on supplies. The cons of course will be that (in my opinion) there is nothing better then enjoying a really good book- one that I can hold, and lay in bed with while reading. laptops get hot and can be cumbersome. Another downside is that students will ultimately lose the experience of having to disseminate and find information of their own; with technology, it is all that their fingertips, and is a matter of point and click for more information than needed!

Next he poses, “5. Why do you think someone would go through the trouble of creating a website like The Jew’s Daughter? What purpose do you think it serves?”

“Things seek realization in new configurations” (screen 221). The Jew’s Daughter gets the reader involved on a deep level, even subconscious thinking. This is a new configuration, even for the Web…Will books go to this, sure, why not? Some, maybe it would work, but when it comes to having to get a hold of facts, one might not like the idea of jumping all around in cyberspace.



The Murky World of The Jews Daughter

For grad. class were were asked to read and comment on a particular piece of online text. The Jew’s Daughter is a non conventional way of reading a piece of text. Basically, it is comparable, in my opinion to a choose your own adventure book. The challenge for some is whether or not to click the hypertext, which will, inexplicably, change what you are reading, as well as the thoughts and possibly ideas of what you have previously read.

I was excited and curious as to what to expect. I tried (successfully) to get through the first page of text without moving my mouse over the blue hyper-linked text. But then, at the bottom of the page, I felt bored. Yes bored. I wanted to be like the other kids and choose my adventure. So I hypertext(ed?) again and again. I found my eyes travelling back over the text I had previous read on the page with amazement at the change hat occurred in the text that had yet to be read.

I don’t know if this piece is meant to be understood in terms of meaning rather than in symbolic terms that mean to convey the power resulting in usage of hypertext.