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Gripe of the day!

Ok, so we had school today. Not a delayed opening, but a full day of school. Keep in mind, it is late Feb, and we have not had any days off from school due to weather.

I left my house early, and a ride that normally takes my 35 mins took and hour and half(minus 5 minutes for a critical WAWA stop).

My car, a compact, rear-wheel drive vehicle, got stuck, literally stuck, in the middle of a busy intersection filled with slush in which I had to stop initially for another car in front of me that spun out of control. Thanks to the aid of a random stranger who helped save my wheels by pushing as I accelerated, I was able to free my car and continue the journey in, driving like a grandmother…
What a terrible way to start the day! TGIF!!!!


Waitress Weekend…

if you have read my about me, then you know i wait tables on fri and sat nights. this started last year when my husband was laid off and we needed extra money- no biggie- i waitressed all through college. i stayed on this summer for extra income, and the money is just too good to give up now.

this weekend made me want to quit. it was one of those nights (sat) that made me want to walk right out on my tables.

why do customers feel the need to take out anger and frustrations on their waiters/waitresses??

for example: we have new menus- they are nice, hard cover looking like yearbooks-fancy too, and so the owner has given explicit instructions to the busboys ” do not serve chips and salsa until the menus have been taken away by the waitstaff”

now, with people being automatically programmed for chips and salsa from the likes of don pablos and so forth, they of course become LIVID when the chips are not brought immediately to the table. and, often times, people do go ahead and use the menus as placemats if they some how inssit on chip/salsa while they are eating chips and salsa and trying to figure out what to eat for dinner.

that was only the half of it. sometimes things go on that are even more out of my control; one entree came out and wasn’t hot enough, a glass a patron got at the bar had a crack in it, someone spilled their drink all over her fur coat all by herself. and it was busy- and the manager was breathing down our necks to turn tables.

like waiting tables, and everything else in life, there are things that go on that are sometimes out of my control, and you just gotta roll with the punches!