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The Casualities of Mandated State Testing

So…Here it is- the week many NJ middle schools have been dreading- NJ ASK– aka the New Jersey assessment of skills and knowledge! What a whirlwind of testing- two days of Language Arts, one long day of math, and a day of science…Why there’s no history on this test is anyone’s guess..

My complaints:

1. Butt hurts from sitting so much

2. Boring for proctor

3. No bathroom break unless you get lucky

4. Arms tired form carrying heavy bin of test booklets, etc. to and from main office each day (and we are only on day two, folks!)

5. Tired of student complaints regarding the test, and the “down” time we have afterward

6. What exactly is this test measuring anyway??

Okay, enough complaining – for now:-)

But I will end on this note: when will these tests be exclusively on a computer?