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Somewhat belated Wenger posting..

After much trepidation, I am posting my response to Etienne Wenger, an author responsible for the text “Communities of Practice” which is required reading for our graduate course, Writing for Electronic Communities.
This, for me was a tough read. I did not enjoy trying to make sense of the scenarios with Ariel. I had a hard time focusing in on his main ideas. The notes at the back of the book helped me immnesely. Not fun.
What I got out of it:
Wenger defines learning communities as as coming together in which a joint learning takes place. He is searching for the “spirit” of the group as well.
Additionally, Wenger determines that learning is a really important component to just being human. People need to participate and help buld the knowledge for the group as a whole, as well as for themselves. he is interested in the social construct and decontextualization of the whole learning process. And delves in, and in…