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A new kind of class.

This week’s writing for electronic communities grad. class was the most interesting yet. as always, we were to discuss the reading assigned the previous week. instead of verbally talking about it, we logged onto a laptop and were assigned to a chat room, in which we would tackle the questions in an anonymous voice.

i found this to be a breath of fresh air. we have some very intelligent, very vocal students in class. because of this, i often want to speak up, but hesitate, and ultimately end up listening. at times our professor even seems to clam(mostly be choice, i think) up and the dominant voices run the show. fine, but, I hope when it comes to grading, he takes into account some of what i said while in the chat room. i’ve done the reading, and had ample things to say. i found a forum in which to do it! as a teacher i’ve learned not to rely on one format in class discussions because someone is always left out…

i liked the fact that we also were asked to make connections and reflect on what we have read this semester. i found the idea of learning communities to be huge. technology is an interface that has effectively further separated humanity; people are alone with their own form of technology. that being said, this class showed me some ways in which those barriers can be crossed via somewhat interesting reading. lonelygirl15 and wenger’s communities of practice are two pieces i’ve enjoyed immensely, and fit into this area.

i’ve once again been reminded of the value of silence. i leaned alot sitting there, alone with my anonymous thoughts and typing away in class…