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Super Bowl Aftermath…

So, it is the day after of the Super Bowl. I am not a football fan, but, like many others, indulged in the Super Bowl celebration for the food and “commercial” aspects of it.

I found that like many other mediums out to used to generate attention, the advertising on the Super Bowl commercials tried to appeal to some of the masses.

I got to thinking; how important is it to appeal to all?? When writing, audience is one of the key elements we are taught to recognize in order to become a good writer. Writers try to usually meet the needs of the audience majority. So, have those advertisers on the sb  met similar goals?

I say not. Although some of the commercials were cute, funny, or just plain interesting, I don’t feel as though I’ve been “spoken to” and have gotten  much out of them. Who did? (I’d like to know although this is a rhetorical question)


If someone does not ‘gain meaning’ from what they are reading, or watching, does it matter? Especially if it is purely for entertainment?